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Access Adventures in Isoldeland

Occasional musings and rantings of a blind cripple

Isoldeland is located geographically in a cosy bungalow in the great town of Carrick on Shannon, in the beautiful county of Leitrim, on the island of Ireland; this is reputedly a first-world, democratic, English-speaking, mostly-white country with public health and education systems. Isoldeland is also in cyberspace.
The world is not friendly to mutants and superheroes. Society pushes us into leading secret double-lives, having to develop strange and wondrous technologies and strategies to live our daily extraordinary lives.

I have a congenital visual impairment and a chronic pain condition - a combination that means I use a guide-dog and a wheelchair in geographical space and a range of accessibility software in virtual space.
This blog is where I moan about it.